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Turbine Cessna 206 Mark 1 Conversion


Since 1983 Soloy has produced more than 60 FAA STC approved Cessna 206 conversions using the 418 HP Rolls-Royce / Allison 250-C20S Turboshaft engine combined with Soloy’s Patented Turbine-Pac gearbox drive system. The conversion adds extreme reliability, versatility and performance to the already tough Cessna 206 airframe. It is also one of the quietest high-performance singles available giving the Soloy 206 high marks as a neighbor-friendly aircraft. The Soloy Cessna 206s are used world-wide for a variety of applications ranging from Police surveillance to skydiving. Here are some of the outstanding features of this great aircraft:

  • Proven Rolls-Royce 250-C20S engine with worldwide parts and service support system. 3500 hour TBO.
  • Soloy Turbine-Pac gearbox and installation.
  • Reverse air inlet flow for great FOD protection in bush flying environments.
  • Slow 1810 RPM prop speed for quiet vibration-free operation.
  • Installs in U206G, TU206G, 206H & T206H from 1977 models to present.
  • Dependable 3-blade Hartzell 95 inch propeller. (Full feathering, constant speed).
  • Jet fuel capacity: 1977-1979 models 76 gal useable, 1979-present 88 gal useable with sierra 52 gal and Flint 30 gallon auxiliary fuel systems available. Fuel burn about 25 GPH in normal cruise mode.
  • Direct-reading turbine instruments with digital fuel flow and TOT systems. (Not compatible with Garmin glass panel)
  • Standard cabin heater with arctic bleed air supplement optionally available.
  • Airframe requirements: 28 volt electrical system, Cessna HD Landing gear, Cessna floatplane rudder system on all conversions, no interfering aftermarket kits or accessories.
  • Compatible with Wipaire, Edo, PK floats with separate STC installation kits.

206 "Mark 1"

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